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The next morning we were up early to have breakfast and to practice for our performance that we had later in the day. This was one of the bigger performances we had and honestly probably the coolest one I have ever been able to be a part of.

We were asked to perform for the US Consulate at the private 4th of July party they were holding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The stage was beautiful, the room decorated to perfection and the food looked absolutely amazing. We were able to mingle with the crowd for quite some time and met many important people not only from China, but many Americans who were now living in China; a few that were actually from Atlanta.

We took lots of pictures and were all astounded at the gratitude they showed us for being there and making this such a special event for them. There was an introduction to the event and then the presentation of the American Flag followed by our National Anthem. As much as everyone there appreciated and enjoyed this event, we did as well and were thankful we could still celebrate and honor our country’s’ independence even though we were thousands of miles away from home.

After this presentation we mingled for a bit longer and then headed back to our private room to get ready for our performances. It was almost time for us to take the stage when we were informed another celebrity guest had just arrived and that we needed to delay our performance 5 minutes to ensure we would have the crowds full attention instead of splitting it with Mr. Yao Ming!! Hahaha! Yea right!!

The host ended up asking Mr. Ming to move to the center of the room and watch us to ensure the crowd followed his lead. To say the least, we had full-undivided attention from all. The performances went perfectly and everyone loved our dance as well as our performance with Harry to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

Following our performances we were able to meet and take a picture with Mr. Yao Ming and let me say I have never seen, let alone met and shook hands with a taller person than him! He is 7’6 and our heads were barely level with his stomach!! I can only imagine how small we’re going to look in our group picture! It was definitely an honor and we were grateful for the entire experience.

That night we went to a really nice Italian restaurant to officially celebrate Donni’s Birthday!! The food wasn’t exactly like the Italian food we are accustomed to in the States, but it was close enough and we really enjoyed it.

Almost forgot, there was a pianist at the restaurant, still not sure what country he was from, but when we walked in he started playing ‘Georgia On My Mind’!! It was so cool and such a nice reminder of home. We then informed him that we had a birthday girl with us and he, along with the waiters and waitresses of the restaurant, sang Happy Birthday to Donni!!

Until tomorrow!