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We were up early the next day to eat a quick breakfast (another buffet feast!) and to practice and get ready for our performance that afternoon. We performed at the Proctor and Gamble office building for the employees and clients of the company. They loved us and even presented us with gifts; shampoo and really pretty travel size, wooden mirrors.

The host had us pull people from the crowd so that we could teach them a few 8 counts of one of our dances. They then performed what they learned and the audience voted on which male and female were the best!

It was great to see business people having a good time and really enjoying us being there! Paul George, from the Indiana Pacers, was also making an appearance at this performance and participating in a contest to see who could spin the ball on their finger the longest with members of the audience. He also answered questions from the employees.

We then made office visits at Proctor and Gamble and delivered posters, candy and NBA wristbands to their employees. After we finished the appearance, we grabbed some McDonalds and then it was back to the airport to catch our flight to Shanghai!

It was POURING down rain when we got outside and our immediate thoughts were “Oh no, are we going to be delayed again??” Needless to say, we sat in the airport from 4 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. and finally boarded our plane at midnight. Donni officially started her birthday while on the China Air airplane, but don’t worry, we sang happy birthday to her, very loud I might add, and made her a card using one of those little bags your get from your seat back pocket ;) Hahaha it was perfect - and of course we were looked at like we were crazy! But she loved it and thankfully we were finally on our way to Shanghai.

We arrived in Shanghai around 4 a.m. and sleepily made our way to the baggage claim area and to also find our new guide for this portion of our trip. After picking up all of our luggage and introducing ourselves to Jimmy (the man holding the NBA sign who looked just as tired as we were but had the warmest/friendliest smile on his face) we were in the bus and headed to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The hotel was beautiful and the beds were a pleasant relief after our long day of traveling.

Goodnight! Talk to you guys tomorrow!