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The next morning we again had the breakfast feast together at the hotel and then we were off to the airport to catch our flight to Guangzhou… And this is when the flight delays and bad weather started and never seemed to leave us. We made it to the airport, the gate and then on the plane, but once on the plane, we sat for a few hours because the weather conditions in Guangzhou were so bad. It wouldn’t have been horrible however to conserve gas but they decided to turn the AC off and we just had to sit in our seats and sweat! We eventually made it through and managed to not get sick despite the major turbulence we experienced throughout the flight.

We landed in Guangzhou a lot later than anticipated but Mr. Louie, our guide for this portion of the trip, happily greeted us. Now I thought Ana was full of knowledge but Mr. Louie was in a league of his own!! The second we got on the bus he started pouring out the history of the airport, the city, the language, the people, you name it - he was telling us about it! Now again, I tried to remember it all, but I was so sleepy at this point and jet lagged like crazy, so it was kind of difficult. Here goes nothing…

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and is considered the import/export city of China. Most people speak Cantonese here, which is the most spoken dialect in China; 150 million people speak it and there are 9 tongues. Mandarin is the official language of China, which has 4 tongues, but most speak Cantonese. There is a different dialect used in this Provence of China, so the normal Ni hao (which means hello) is now pronounced Li ho.

Guangzhou is known for being a healthier city than the rest and most of the people here are on the skinny side compared to other parts of China. They are known for their soups and cooking with less oil than normal. They have lots of food festivals here and also follow a schedule when it comes to tea time and eating, which in my opinion probably helps keep their metabolisms high and therefore healthier and more fit; 7 am – 12 pm morning tea into breakfast and lunch (it’s all combined), 3 pm afternoon tea, 6 pm dinner, and 9 pm evening tea.

Guangzhou is home to the third largest river in South China, the Pearl River. It is 2,300 km long, averages 12 meters deep and used to be called the West, North and East river, but now is just one and empties into Guangzhou.

After dealing with some traffic we finally arrived at the Westin Hotel. Due to our flight being delayed, we arrived later than expected which didn’t allow us to explore this city as much as we would have liked. Mr. Louie did take us to a very nice restaurant and taught us the traditional way to clean our chopsticks, tea cup, spoon and bowl prior to having dinner. The meal was very good and again most of us tried the majority of things we were served. After dinner we made it back to the hotel and went straight to bed!!!

Until tomorrow.... =)