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Saturday we all got up and ate breakfast together at the hotel. Throughout this trip we were given complimentary breakfasts at each hotel… And in China this means huge buffet feasts that have everything and anything your little heart could desire.

We had a quick practice following breakfast and prior to leaving for our first performance! This performance was held in a mall. They had a stage set up, a basketball court with a net and literally 8 floors above us where people could stand and look down on us while we danced. It was kind of intimidating at first because we literally had people in front of us, behind us, on the sides of us and above us. But we just reminded ourselves that it was just like being at Philips Arena and we killed the first performance!!

The crowd loved us and of course loved Harry the Hawk also. Did I mention that our mascot Harry the Hawk made this trip with us?!? Well he did and it was a blast to have him with us because as most of you already know, he’s always a crowd favorite.

A former CNBA player turned entertainer/host Blackie Chan was at this performance today and you could tell the crowd was star struck by him for sure. We were told he used to be a really good basketball player but injured his knee and had to retire. He did a great job hosting this event and made us feel very welcomed. We passed out our posters, took some pictures with the fans and helped get the crowd roweled up for the mini scrimmage going on at the event.

After the performance, we headed back to the hotel, got a quick lunch at the Subway and Burger King across the street and then headed to see THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!!!! This was probably the most exciting historical thing we got to see and experience and let me tell you, I won’t do it justice because it’s better than words can describe. Ana gave us some history about the wall and I tried my best to remember all of if but she was like a history book and just spilled out a ton of information and very quickly at that.

There are 23 watchtowers along the length of the 800-kilometer wall, each tower was 3 levels and housed between 5 and 15 people at a time. It is said to be the longest cemetery in the world and of course was made by human hands and is the only human construction that can be seen from outer space. We took cable cars to reach the great wall but could have hiked up to the wall if we wanted too. We were at tower number 15 but walked to tower 14 as well where we got some great pictures!

It was pretty cloudy today so we weren’t able to really see the view from the wall, but the fact that our feet were standing on such a huge part of history was good enough for us!!

After we left The Great Wall we got to have a very traditional dinner at a very popular hot pot place in Beijing; Hai Di Lao Hot Pot. Imagine two pots of boiling water, one that’s spicy and one that’s not, an array of vegetables, meats, and some other stuff that I still don’t know exactly what it was, are added into both pots of boiling water, cooked and then ready for you to fish it all out with chopsticks to eat it! Most of us tried almost everything but some just chose to eat the rice from the bowl instead. It was pretty good, but dang that spicy one is SPICY!! We had a fun time here and they even started Donni’s birthday celebration a little early and brought here a special birthday cake and present; a foot massager and sang Happy Birthday to her!

After dinner we decided we needed to see a little more of the city wo we walked around and just enjoyed all the lights and nightlife in Beijing.

That's the end of our 2nd day in China! I will catch up with you guys tomorrow =)