• Hometown:
    Atlanta, GA
  • Birthday:
    July 10
  • College and major:
    Indiana University; Dance
  • Profession:
    Dance instructor
  • Dance Background:
     Trained in ballet, point, jazz, modern and hip-hop before joining a pre-professional ballet company. Trained at American Ballet Theater in New York City during the summer.  Danced and choreographed for a hip-hop team in college....And of course dancing for the Atlanta Hawks!
  • Hobbies:
     I LOVE to go shopping, I have a passion for fashion...I LOVE eating out and fine dining at amazing restaurants...and of course spending time with my family and friends! Favorite snack:  I LOVE vanilla special K bars...and definitely salt & vinegar POPS air baked chips
  • How would others describe you:
    Genuine, loyal and compassionate... “I am always there for my friends and family whenever they need me. My family is the most important part of my life!”
  • Beauty product you can’t live without:
    hmmm...either bronzer or lip gloss
  • BC_bio_pics_Lindsay Why do you love being a Hawks Cheerleader?:
    I absolutely love dancing for the Hawks because dancing is and always has been my passion in life.  Dancing on the court in front of thousands of people is such a rush and such an amazing feeling.  It is such an honor to dance for an NBA team, especially the Atlanta Hawks because they are such a great team of players to cheer on, and we have such amazing fans to dance and perform for!