China Day One

April 7, 2012

Today is our first official day in China. We are in the city of Zhengzhou. For the trip we have a person who is in charge of organizing everything for us; his name is Dennis. We also have a guide for this city her name is Suzy. We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. It was so nice because I had not eaten a real meal in over 24 hours. Then we practiced a little at the hotel. The hotel is very nice! Except, Ashley and I blew out the electricity...twice. I lost my converter plug and my hair straightener from the blow out.

After practice we headed to the convention center. We are performing at the auto show. It was very similar to the American auto show. The performance was quick and easy. For lunch we had Pizza Hut. I was so happy. After lunch we practiced for a while then it was back to the auto show for performance number two. After we performed we decided for dinner we’d have a hot-pot. It was very cool. The restaurant is famous is China because the service is excellent and they don't accept tips. I was nervous to try the food but I ate the plain soup not the spicy. They cooked chicken, shrimp, and noodles in the soup. They cooked it all right at your table. To make the noodles this guy comes out and stretches the dough out like a jump rope and they put on a whole show. It was so fun.

After dinner we went back and practiced for awhile. I finished the day with a workout and headed to bed.

China Day Two
April 8, 2012

Today is Easter!!! It’s strange not having Easter eggs and a basket. But there were little bunnies in the hotel lobby. They were so cute. Then we headed to the performance. We have two performances today and took lots of pictures. Then we headed to lunch. I didn't like the lunch; I was afraid to try a lot of it though.

After lunch we headed to the Shaolin temple. This is where a form of Kung Fu was developed. The creator was a monk who combined Shaolin Buddhism with Kung Fu. He came to the mountain and meditated for 9 years. Then he developed the Kung Fu and started a following. Now there is a school there with over 4000 students. They are all males and start and a young age. Their goal is to become a monk and live in the tomb at the top of the mountain. They are very well trained and have a lot of wisdom. Monks with the highest honors are buried in the Pagoda Forest. There they build big statues above their graves. The more honorable they were the bigger the statue. It was very cool and interesting. After we headed back to the hotel; we were very tired. So we decided on room service for dinner. I was so happy I was able to get pizza. Then we just relaxed and headed to bed.

China Day Three
April 9, 2012

Today, our first appearance is at a dealership. They were very nice and we received presents for coming. The second appearance was very similar and we received another gift. After, we were able to go shopping. It was kind of like being at the mall. I was able to get a bracelet for my mom. For dinner we had pizza hut...again ;). I have never had so much pizza in one week but it's really all I want. After dinner we headed to the airport to go to our next city; which is Jinan. We got in so late and were very tired. The hotel was beautiful.

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