China Day Seven
April 13, 2012

Today we had breakfast and headed to the auto show. There was a lot of traffic. Everyone drives crazy here; they are always beeping there horn. After we preformed we headed back to the hotel. We rested and ordered room service. It was very good. I was not feeling well at all so it was nice to sleep. Then we headed back to the convention center for our second performance.

At the convention center there were shops. So after we were finished we went shopping for a while. I got another purse it's so cute. I was still not feeling well but luckily it was time to go back to the hotel. Once we got back we had practice for a little bit then headed to dinner. After dinner we saw a Dairy Queen and stopped there. Then we went back to the supermarket to get snacks for our plane ride Sunday. I was also able to get some Halls but they don't have medicine in there supermarkets. Once we got back to the hotel we packed up and went to bed.

China Day Eight
April 14, 2012

Today we had our last performance for our trip. So we started with breakfast and then had to check out of our hotel. After we finished our performance we took a few pictures outside the auto show. It was fun working at the auto show and I think we all enjoyed it. Then we had lunch at the same restaurant as day six. We new we couldn't go wrong.

After lunch we headed to the airport. We got there early so most of us slept. Then we were off to Beijing. Here we have another guide. His name is Ming but we called him Charles. On the ride to the hotel I decided I loved Beijing. I wish we had more time here. Once we checked in at the hotel; which is very nice, we went across the street for dinner. It was a little Thai restaurant. I was nervous but they had a plain noodles; it tasted just like angel hair pasta. I loved it. Then we went back to the hotel for bed. It was a long day.

China Day Nine
April 15, 2012

Today is our last day in China. We don't have any performances today, which is really nice. I didn’t want to get out of bed but we planned to go shopping before we had to leave for the airport. The breakfast was the best of the whole stay. I was happy they had peanut butter. Then we ventured out the shopping market. We took the subway, it was crazier then New York. The subway car was PACKED! The market was awesome though!! I got so many purses and shoes. It was crazy. Everyone wanted us to go in their store. After the market we headed back to the hotel to say our goodbyes. We will miss our guides!! Then it was off to the airport. The flight back wasn't too bad. I watched lots of movies. When we were finally home I was so glad to be back home and sleeping in my bed but I am very happy for the opportunity given to me by the NBA to travel to China and represent the Hawks! Thank you!!

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