1. I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  2. This is my sixth season as an Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader.

  3. I was born on December 15.

  4. My major is computer programming.

  5. I am currently a nurse secretary.

  6. I always carry dental floss in my purse.

  7. I am a reality TV junkie.

  8. I do believe in ghosts.

  9. I love anything strawberry.

  10. My sister and I look alike. Everyone thinks we are twins.

  11. I have an obsession with tattoos.

  12. I have four tattoos.

  13. I love Chinese food.

  14. I enjoy playing video games.

  15. I named my car Papichulo.

  16. I despise going to the hair salon.

  17. Manicures make me so sleepy!

  18. I like horror movies and musicals.

  19. I love it when it snows.

  20. I hate footballl.