1. This is my second year as an Atlanta Hawks cheerleader.

  2. I am from Douglasville, GA.

  3. My birthday is September 16.

  4. I am a Virgo.

  5. I am a graduate of Georgia State University.

  6. I have degrees in managerial sciences and marketing.

  7. I started my own business at age 20.

  8. I am the proud owner of Just Dance studio.

  9. I am a dance instructor at my dance studio.

  10. I have a younger sister named Ariel.

  11. I have a pet Pit-bull named Shaq.

  12. I love to eat!

  13. My favorite types of foods are Mexican and Japanese.

  14. I am terrified of eighteen-wheelers.

  15. I am a huge Beyoncé fan.

  16. I just recently got engaged.

  17. I love to travel.

  18. I’m a shopaholic .

  19. Chocolate sweets are my weakness.

  20. I was Miss Alabama US International 2011.