1. I am insanely obsessed with Oatmeal Creme Pies.

  2. I am a Twilight Saga fanatic (team Jacob)!

  3. I am an ‘80s horror film buff. There’s nothing better than a classic Michael Myers thriller!

  4. When I was six, I used to tell everyone I was going to marry Michael Jackson.

  5. I am an award-winning “in the shower” singer! “To the left to the left!”(Beyoncé voice)

  6. I have a lucky pair of socks that I wear for every Hawks game (don’t worry, I wash them).

  7. My twin sister and I can read each other’s minds.

  8. I’m highly allergic to almonds but I love salted peanuts!

  9. I named my new car “Mercy” after my favorite Kanye West song and yes, she is Hawks Red!

  10. After seeing the Stephen King Movie “It” I’ve never felt the same about clowns. Keep them away!

  11. I have an alter ego that comes out when I dance. I call her “Kristina”

  12. My ideal date night would be pigging out at Chow Baby. Yummy!

  13. I can beat any person that challenges me in “Call of Duty!”

  14. I can’t go anywhere without a mirror stashed in my purse.

  15. I have never been in a Wal-Mart store for less than an hour. Its so addictive!

  16. My hometown is Houston, Texas. Howdyyy!

  17. My birthday is June 8. Yes my sister and I are twin Geminis!

  18. I majored in Early Childhood Education at the University of Houston.

  19. I am a full-time Pre-K teacher.

  20. I know the lyrics to “The Wiz” verbatim.