1. My birthday is November 12.

  2. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Virginia Highlands area to be specific!

  3. This is my third season as an Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader.

  4. This is my second year as captain of the cheer team!

  5. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition Food and Exercise from Virginia Tech.

  6. I am also a licensed EMT-Intermediate in the state of Georgia.

  7. I received a four-year swimming scholarship to Virginia Tech.

  8. I was captain of the girls (swimming) team my senior year.

  9. I am a nanny for five families here in the Atlanta area and absolutely love being with and working with kids!

  10. My favorite color is hunter green.

  11. I am a spokesmodel for Falken Tire.

  12. I hate odd numbers!

  13. I have an older sister and a younger brother...no “middle child syndrome” though!

  14. In addition to swimming, I did gymnastics, tap, jazz, and ballet growing up.

  15. I have hazel eyes, as well as a scar on my chin from a car accident when I was 12.

  16. I’m bubbly, outgoing and super easy to talk to.

  17. I am a fitness model.

  18. I was the cover model for the April 2012 issue of Fitness Rx for Women.

  19. I am an IFBB Bikini Pro and compete in shows all over the country.

  20. I was one of 32 women in the world who qualified for, and competed in, the Olympia the past two years!