1. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia

  2. This is my second season.

  3. My birthday is May 13.

  4. I graduated from Georgia State with a degree in Psychology & Sociology.

  5. I did five seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and was named captain.

  6. I sing gospel, R&B, pop & soft rock.

  7. I am an actress and recently appeared in Tyler Perry’s movie “The Marriage Counselor.”

  8. Every bone in my body is extremely flexible!

  9. I love comedy movies & shows (anything to make me laugh hysterically).

  10. My favorite romance is “Pretty Woman”; I often pretend to be Julia Roberts.

  11. I always dreamed of meeting Whitney Houston. R.I.P. She was my idol!

  12. I enjoy traveling to warm, tropical climates. Water sports are a must!

  13. Houston’s Restaurant has the worlds BEST spinach dip!

  14. I have a four-year-old tea cup Yorkshire terrier named Saki.

  15. I have two older sisters Tawuana & Glenda (who cheered with me on Hawks in 2003).

  16. My parents (Sarah & Glen) have been married 36 years.

  17. I love shopping and dining out!

  18. I think that I can beat anyone in cards (rummy, spades, etc.) BRING IT ON!

  19. I am extremely OCD (I vacuum myself out of my home so that the lines are perfect).

  20. I have studied at the Alliance Theater.